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June Staff Picks

Staff-recommended reading from the Alexandria Library Catalog. Check back each month for a new list.


A perfect proposal




A perfect proposal

By Katie Fforde

British author Katie Fforde's novels are great for summer reading. They are humorous romances featuring a plucky, yet often stubborn, heroine. In "A Perfect Proposal" Sophie Apperly feels unappreciated by her family in England and eagerly accepts an invitation from a friend to stay in New York. While there she meets a wealthy grand dame, Matilda, who invites her to Connecticut for Thanksgiving. Sparks fly when Sophie encounters Matilda's handsome yet arrogant grandson.

Recommended by A. Williams

The Pixar touch : the making of a company




The Pixar Touch: The Making of A Company

By David A. Price

Toy Story is one of the most beloved animated films of both children and adults. The story behind its creation is even more interesting. The Pixar Touch is about a group of people with a passion for animation who dreamed up new technology and software, mixed it with the classic storytelling tradition of Disney, and transformed the way animated movies are made. If you enjoy this book, be sure to check out Creativity, Inc. by Pixar's founding CEO Ed Catmull as well!

Recommended by Rebecca L.

The Ghost of the Mary Celeste




The Ghost of the Mary Celeste

By Valerie Martin

Inspired by the true story of the ship "Mary Celeste" found off the coast of Spain in 1872 with no one on board, Martin weaves a tragic and haunting account of the disappearance of a family and the missing crew by threading two fascinating stories: one of Arthur Conan Doyle and the other involving a medium. A riveting read!

Recommended by Carol P.

The Bookshop




The Bookshop

By Penelope Fitzgerald

If you've never read anything by Penelope Fitzgerald we highly recommend you give her a try. Her books are exquisitely crafted and not very long. The Bookshop tells the tale of a brave woman who opens a bookshop in a provincial town despite resistance from one of the local gentry.

Recommended by V. V.

Historic Alexandria: An Illustrated History




Historic Alexandria: An Illustrated History

By Ted Pulliam

Commissioned by the Office of Historic Alexandria. Includes bibliography and profiles of businesses, organizations, and families that have contributed to the economic development of Alexandria.

Recommended by Leslie A.

A Purrfect Love



A Purrfect Love (eBook on OverDrive)

By D.K. Abbott

An adorable tale about Wall, a small tabby who is upset that he looks different from his litter mates, and worse, he cannot purr. He is told by his mommy cat that he will "purr" when he is happy and Wally sets out to find love and acceptance. Lovely story.

Recommended by L. Rudd

The Worry Week




The Worry Week

By Ann Lindbergh

A series of events leads to Allegra and her two sisters alone at their family's Maine house for a whole week. What she thought would be a wonderful adventure turns into something else entirely. A delightful summer story.

Recommended by Jessica S.

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