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February Staff Picks

Staff-recommended reading from the Alexandria Library Catalog. Check back each month for a new list.


Kinfolks : falling off the family tree : the search for my Melungeon ancestors



Kinfolks: falling off the family tree: the search for my Melungeon ancestors

By Lisa Alther

In this engaging memoir East Tennessee author Lisa Alther, child of a Yankee mother and a Virginian father, explores her family history and investigates the origins of the Melungeons, a multi-racial ethnic enclave of the Cumberland Gap. A fascinating and often humorous book about Appalachia and finding one's place in the world.

Recommended by Zack B.

Animal, vegetable, miracle : a year of food life



Animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life

By Barbara Kingsolver

This book made me want to move to the country, buy a big farm, and start growing my own fruits and vegetables - even though I can't keep a houseplant alive for more than a week. The combination of stories of life on the farm, practical advice about aspects of producing your own food, and input from her entire family made this a fun and fascinating read. Also available as audiobook, and eBook on OverDrive.

Recommended by Rebecca L.

Assassination vacation



Assassination vacation

By Sarah Vowell

Part history, part art history, part comedy, part tragedy, part travelogue: this is an enjoyable read for those interested in American history. Vowell takes a humorous and reflective look at 3 presidential assassinations: Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley. The author takes the long view of history while drawing in thoughtful pieces of trivia throughout. This book is historical yet personal and accessible. It is also great as an audiobook!

Recommended by Sarah R. S.





By Nick Harkaway

An exciting fun read, well written and intelligent. The book is a genre-bending mix of thriller, mystery, and fantasy about spies, killer clockwork bees and the end of the world. The Wall Street Journal and Booklist called it the best mystery of 2012. Harkaway is the son of author John le Carré. Also available as an eBook on OverDrive.

Recommended by V. V.

Someday, someday, maybe



Someday, someday, maybe

By Lauren Graham

Franny is a struggling actress whose self-imposed deadline for success is drawing to a close. Will she find an agent, romance and an acting job? Author Lauren Graham (star of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood) reads the audiobook version and brings her delightful, quirky heroine to life. Also available as an audiobook (CD) and an eBook and eAudiobook on OverDrive.

Recommended by Jessica S.

Americanah: a novel



Americanah: a novel

By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This is a story of cross cultural bliss with vivid characters. The story unfolds across three different continents while bridging the global landscape of Africans and Americans. Also available as an eBook on OverDrive.

Recommended by C. Akiti

Beautiful Ruins: a novel



Beautiful ruins: a novel

By Jess Walter

What happens when a beautiful young actress, who is an extra in the Richard Burton/Liz Taylor version of "Cleopatra", is sent away to the remote "Hotel Adequate View" in the Cinque Terre region of Italy? A moving and very funny novel about love, fame, Italy, and Hollywood. The vivid characters and suspenseful plotting will keep you engaged to the very end. Also available as an audiobook (CD) and as an eBook on OverDrive and eAudiobook on OneClickdigital.

Recommended by A. Williams

Dear girls above me: inspired by a true story



The bounden duty of the progeny : a history, Robert E. Lee Camp, no. 726, Sons of Confederate Veterans, its origins and first fifty years

By Ann Graham

Alexandria resident and member of the Daughters of the Confederacy researched and compiled a history of Robert E. Lee Camp, No. 726, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Sources included (but were not limited to) camp minutes, camp newsletters, personal interviews, original letters and photographs.

Recommended by Leslie A.

Here I go again: a novel



Here I go again: a novel

By Jen Lancaster

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time and do certain things over? In Here I Go Again, Lissy Ryder a popular HS senior in 1993 gets to do just that. While attending her 20 year reunion a former classmate gives her a special elixir and Lissy will never be the same again.

Recommended by C. Martin

The Fox in the Attic



The Fox in the attic eBook on OverDrive

By Richard Hughes

Controversial and Tolstoyean disturbing historical suspense about human nature from the perspective of a naive 23 year old English aristocrat who resided on an isolated country estate in Wales during WWII. At war's end he emerges into a changed world, physically and mentally, with perplexing attitudes about people, especially his beloved German relatives. Volume 1 of "The Human Predicament" series.

Recommended by L. Rudd

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