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Babies and Toddlers

Here's a sampling of great books from our collection. Don't limit yourself to these -- we have many more that you're sure to love! Any staff member at the children's desk is happy to make recommendations!

Hooray for fish!

Hooray for fish!

By Lucy Cousins

Go to sleep, little farm

Go to sleep, little farm

By Mary Lyn Ray




By Anne Bertier


 Hannah's night

Hannah's night 

By Komako Sakai

In this book

In this book

By Fani Marceau & Joelle Jolivet



By Chris Judge

A bed for Kitty

A Bed for Kitty

By Yasmine Surovec

My big barefoot book of wonderful words

My Big Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words

By Sophie Fatus


Mimi and Bear in the snow

Mimi and Bear in the Snow

By Janee Trasler

 Little green peas : a big book of colors

Little Green Peas

By Keith Baker

 Sleepytime me

Sleepytime Me

By Edith Hope Fine

 I love my hat

I Love My Hat

By Douglas Florian

Big cat, small cat Big Cat, Small Cat

By Ami Rubinger

Stormy night

Stormy Night

By Salina Yoon

 Early bird

Early Bird

By Toni Yuly

 Big bug Big Bug

By Henry Cole

Bears and a birthday Bears and a Birthday 

By Shirley Parenteau

Baby party Baby Party

By Rebecca O'Connell



By Karl Edwards

A lullaby for Little One

A Lullaby for a Little One

By Dawn Casey

 Funny face, sunny face

Funny Face, Sunny Face

By Sally Symes

Updated June 2015

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