5 Factors That Set You Apart in College Admissions

Monday, October 27, 7-8:30 p.m.

Burke Branch

This 90-minute session will teach participants how to gain a competitive edge in the college prep process. Sia Knight, The College Savvy Coach, will reveal why, in the current college admissions environment, good just isn't enough. 

Have you ever asked the following:
How much foreign language do I need to get into college?
Is it better to get an "A" in a regular course or a "C" in an advanced class?
Can I skip math my senior year?
What can I do to increase my scholarship chances?

Then, this session is for you! This engaging and interactive workshop will teach participants how to become GREAT candidates for admission and scholarship selection.

Free Permit Practice Tests

Driving-Tests.org is a website for learners who want to practice their skills before taking the real DMV test. The site provides practice tests for the State of Virginia. Please note that these are not real driving tests and the results cannot be used as proof of DMV course completion of any sort – they are for personal use only.