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May Staff Picks

Staff-recommended reading from the Alexandria Library Catalog. Check back each month for a new list.

Big Stone Gap



Big Stone Gap -- 2015 All Alexandria Reads selection

By Adriana Trigiani

Ave Maria Mulligan is the self-described "spinster" pharmacist and "ferriner" of Big Stone Gap, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. She discovers a startling family secret that leads her on a journey to personal redemption and romance. You will enjoy the quirky characters of Big Stone Gap; including my favorite, Iva Lou, the bookmobile librarian. Big Stone Gap is the first of a trilogy and was recently made into a motion picture. Also available as eBook and audiobook (CD)

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Recommended by A. Williams

Louella Mae, she's run away!




Louella Mae, She's Run Away -- 2015 All Alexandria Reads Picture Book read-alike

By Karen Beaumont Alarcón

Louella Mae is missing and everyone on the farm is looking for her. With engaging rhyming text, the search moves from the cornfields to the woods and back again, with lots of opportunities for preschoolers to guess where the search will be next. And a special surprise at the end of the book when Louella Mae is finally found will delight all!

Recommended by Diana P.

Three Times Lucky




Three Times Lucky -- 2015 All Alexandria Reads Children's book read-alike

By Shelia Turnage

11 year old Mo LoBeau is sure she knows everything about Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, the small town that she's called home since a hurricane washed her ashore as a baby. So when a gruff lawman suddenly shows up in town and a Tupelo Landing resident is murdered, she enlists the help of her best friend Dale Earnhardt Johnson III to find the killer. But there are more secrets in her small town than she realizes, and soon Mo and Dale are in a heap more trouble than either of them could have imagined. Also available as eBook and audiobook (CD).

Recommended by Diana P.

The Secret Adversary




The Secret Adversary

By Agatha Christie

Everybody knows about Dame Agatha’s two most famous detective series, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, but what about her third series? Tommy and Tuppence find themselves at loose ends at the end of World War I, and the plucky young friends are soon mixed up in the search for a girl who went missing--along with some sensitive documents--during the war. One of Christie’s earliest works, this first installment in the Tommy & Tuppence series is delightfully pulpy, sure to please mystery fans and espionage connoisseurs. Also available as an eBook and eAudiobook.

Recommended by Maddy W.

Life after life




Life after life

By Kate Atkinson

Ursula Todd is born on a cold night in 1910 and dies without taking her first breath-- and so this unusual story begins as Ursula is born and dies, over and over again, with each successive life being shaped by the ones before it. Beautifully written and thought-provoking, Atkinson takes readers on a magnificent journey as she explores the different paths a life can take. Also available as an eAudiobook and audiobook (CD). Fans of this book might be eager to read Atkinson’s companion novel, about Ursula’s brother Teddy, A God in Ruins.

Recommended by Jessica S.

Good riddance : an illustrated memoir of divorce



Good riddance : an illustrated memoir of divorce

By Cynthia Copeland

What do you do when you discover your perfect marriage of 18 years has been slipping away and you didn't even notice? This graphic format memoir (with names changed to protect the innocent) explores the confusion and pain of divorce, the adventure that is dating, and making a plan for the future.

Recommended by Julie D.





By Gracy Hendrix

A really fun new addition to the horror genre. This book is modeled after an IKEA catalog and takes place in a sinister store that may or may not let the night staff out alive.

Recommended by Samantha P.






By Elliott James

Ever wonder how one charming prince could appear in all those fairy tales to save the princess? Well that's because it is a whole family of Charmings. John Charming is one of an illustrious family of dragon slayers, witch-finders and killers dating back to before the fall of Rome. Trained by a modern day version of the Knights Templar, monster hunters who have updated their methods from chain mail and crossbows to Kevlar and shotguns, John Charming was one of the best--until a curse made him one of the abominations the Knights were sworn to hunt. For all you lovers of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresdan or Kevin Hearne's Atticus O'Sullivan, John Charming will fit right in.

Recommended by Katie D.

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