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March Staff Picks

Staff-recommended reading from the Alexandria Library Catalog. Check back every month for a new list.

A Thousand Sisters: my journey into the worst place on earth to be a womanA Thousand Sisters: My Journey Into the Worst Place On Earth To Be a Woman

By Lisa Shannon

Written by the founder of Run for Congo Women, this book tells the tragic but also hopeful story of women in the Congo and their struggle to rebuild their lives after civil war. Ms. Shannon's personal experiences meeting these women introduce readers to both the challenges and triumphs of humanitarian aid in the third world.

Recommended by Elizabeth S.


The AccidentThe Accident

By Linwood Barclay

"Who are the people in your neighborhood?" is the question this domestic thriller asks our hero, when told his wife died in a drunk driving accident that killed a family. He and his daughter must pick up the pieces in a close knit suburban community and, as the ostracism begins, he soon is not buying the accident story and begins asking questions only to reveal a huge coverup involving everyone he knows. Suburban women and designer knockoffs never looked so dangerous. Also available as an ebook on Overdrive.

Recommended by Lynda R.  



Just KidsJust Kids

By Patti Smith

Beautifully written memoir of Patti Smith's life with Robert Mapplethorpe. Smith writes wonderful prose and reveals such an engaging and personal story of an iconic era in art and New York.

Recommended by Sarah Rice S.





Please Stop Laughing at Me... Please Stop Laughing at Me...

By Jodee Blanco

This poignant book tells the story of one person’s experience with bullying. One part memoir and one part call to action. This book is perfect for parents and teens, as well as, anyone who has a child, works with children or was once bullied. Also available is the sequel, Please Stop Laughing at Us.

Recommended by Samantha P.



Jane Austen in BocaJane Austen in Boca

By Paula Marantz Cohen

Pride and Prejudice gets relocated to a retirement community in Boca Raton, Florida, in this witty twist on Austen’s classic. Fans of Austen will enjoy seeing the Bennett sisters and their friends re-imagined as 70-something Floridians meddling, matchmaking and searching for love.

Recommended by Jessica S. 





By Wilbur Smith

Smith continues the Courtney Family saga as worlds collide in East Africa. Assegai explores war, rebellion, love, and more, in this adventurous page-turner. Readers’ hearts will pound with thrilling suspense! Also available as an audiobook.

Recommended by Tina M.



Snow Falling on CedarsSnow Falling on Cedars

By David Guterson

This novel gives the reader a bird's eye view of life in Puget Sound, in Washington. With serious characters, and beautiful scenery, the themes of love, justice and betrayal are conveyed with great tenderness. Also available as   an ebook, audiobook, and movie

Recommended by Ruth H.




Five Children and ItFive Children and It

By Edith Nesbit

In 1900, five siblings discover a bad-tempered magical creature, called a Psammead, in a sand-pit. He promises to give them one wish each day. The children wish to be beautiful, rich, to fly, and more. But the wishes lead to all sorts of hilarious problems! Ages 9-12.

Recommended by Beverly S.


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