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Special Collections Document of the Month Archives

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November-- Potomac River Mapping

October-- Card files

September-- McCormick Harvesting Machine Company Brochure, c. 1882

August-- McCormick Harvesting Machine Company Brochure, c. 1882

July-- Mona Lisa Letter, 1963.

June-- Mexican War Muster Roll, June 1847, Montgomery Dent Corse Papers.

May -- Needlework Guild of America, Account Book and Minutes, 1898-1938.

April-- Northwest Alexandria Perspective View, A.M. Gorman, c. 1894.

March-- “Curtiss Flying Boat Aviation Log," an early “hydro-aeroplane” or seaplane


November -- “Around the Potomac: Verses about Places and People I Love" by William Dickman

September -- Primary Source Documents

August -- “Virginia in the Revolution” by John Esten Cooke, June to November 1876


January  -- Alexandria Library Company, Membership Records, Subscription Book, 1794-1798

February -- Roberts Memorial United Methodist Church, Sunday School Record, 1887 

March  -- Records of the R.H. Lancaster Lodge, No. 1370, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows of the State of Virginia, 1890-1910

April  -- Register of Freedmen, Camp Barker, 1862-65, Records of Contraband Camp

May  -- Diary of a Student in Alexandria, Virginia, May 1849-April 1850

June  -- Grand Southern Mail Route and Passenger Line Map, 1869 

July  -- A Medicinal Dictionary (Volume I) Written by R. James, MD and Owned by George Washington, 1743

August  -- Letter from Thomas G. Russell to Eliza Eaches Fendall, August 17, 1866

October  -- Registers of Free Negroes, 1797-1865

November  -- Presbyterian Cemetery, 1890, 1939 and Burial Ground of St. Paul's Church, 1945

December --  Response To A Request by Free African Americans for Religious Liberty, February 25, 1841


January  -- Charges for Street Cleaning and Repair, July 21, 1877

February  -- Roll of Honor. Names of Soldiers, Victims of the Rebellion, Buried in the National Cemetery at Alexandria, Virginia, January 27, 1866

March  -- Stock Certificate for the Northern Virginia Hotel Corporation, 1920s 

April  -- Jeremiah Harwood's Release from Duty at Slave Pen, January 19, 1866 

May  -- Alexandria Plat Maps from 19th Century Chancery Suits 

June  -- Letter from William Robinson to Thomson Francis Mason Retaining His Services in the Matter of a Runaway Slave, November 21, 1818 

July  -- Broadside Published by the American Anti-Slavery Society, New York, 1836 

August  -- Letter from Robert E. Lee to Messrs. Green & Bro. About Furniture, November 29, 1872 

September  -- Parker-Gray High School Yearbook, 1961 

October  -- Alexandria Herald, October 25, 1824 

November  -- Letter from Alice J. Green to Sophie Ford Tackett, August 13, 1903 

December  -- Stage Coach Manifest, Alexandria to Winchester, January 6, 1837


January  -- Payment to Bushrod Washington for Executed Slave, November 4, 1823 

February  -- Letter from Samuel W. Tucker to Alexandria Library, February 13, 1940 

March  -- Virginia Midland Railway Company, Local Freight Tariff, 1882 

April  -- Slave Manifest Including Captives from the Pearl, May 2, 1848 

May  -- Alexandria Water Company, Property Book, 1867 

June  -- Consumer Ration Coupons, U.S. Office of Price Administration, 1945 

July  -- R.E. Lee Camp, Confederate Veterans, Alexandria, Virginia, 1973 

August  -- Evening Cruise on the Potomac River, July 10, 1877 

September  -- Transcribed Deed Conveying Ownership of Property to Methodist Protestant Church, May 15, 1899

October  -- Alexandria Office of Sheriff Jail Records, 1891-1948 

November  -- Permission for Julia Barker, Free Woman of Color, to Reside in the City, July 17, 1822 

December  -- "A Western Lawyer's Plea Against the Fact," July 9, 1869


July  -- The People's Advocate, May 6, 1876 

August -- Tercentennial Souvenir, 1907 

September -- Alexandria City Directory, 1907 

October -- 1884 Map of Alexandria, Virginia by Student

November -- Document of Indenture to Study Medicine & Apothecary, 1764 

December -- Letter from Townshend Dade Fendall to Aunt Mary Dade, December 28, 1861


January  -- "Memorial from Electors of Elections in Alexandria," March 7, 1867 

February -- Minutes of the Washington Society of Alexandria, February 9, 1813

March -- An early petition for retrocession, January 18, 1841

April -- Advertisement for Jamieson and Hill, 1872 

May -- Congratulatory letter from President Theodore Roosevelt to Kate Waller Barrett, March 12, 1903 

June -- Travel pass, February 23, 1864


April  -- Lottery tickets and circulars, 1847 

May -- Letter from James Downey to his brother about his experiences in the Spanish American War, May 15, 1898

June -- Invitation to the "First Hop of the Season," December 6, 1867 

July -- Building permit for 1456 Duke Street, October 20, 1924 

August -- Letter from M. Porterfield to a friend about the former's opium addiction, ca. 1850 

September -- Currency from the Bank of the Old Dominion, ca. 1851 

November -- Registration form for the schooner, Maria, May 24, 1796 

December -- Complaint about mail service from Gus V. Wilson to John J. McCormick, Esq., April 24, 1861

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